Some of our current projects include development and maintenance

for small businesses, artists, events, and non-profits both around Lakeside and outside Mexico:


Pat y Paco is a movie being developed at Lakeside by volunteers and directed by John Friesen, a Toronto producer, director, writer and actor. It is the story of two boys from separate worlds living in the same Mexican village. Having little in common besides their youth and dreams, their lives collide. The film reflects the worlds of the expat and local Mexican communities in Ajijic. These parallel worlds, too often separated, sometimes intertwine by design, sometimes by necessity, or, as in this story, by chance – the actions of an unknown bicycle thief.

Festival de Febrero is a classical and jazz music festival that is in its fifteenth year in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. I have made significant changes to, and maintain, this site which was originally developed by Bowman Media.

Monica Petrowitsch is an especially talented Canadian artist who works in glass. Monica's site, customart.glass" displays a wide array of her custom work in various installations as well as pieces shown in galleries around the world. Monica has taken advantage of the new Top Level Domain (TLD) name to highlight her artistic medium.

Heart of Awareness is the Buddhist sangha in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. It is used to keep its members and others up to date on its regular schedule as well as special events. I designed and maintain this site.

Comite Artisenal Haitian (CAH) is a cooperative of Haitian craftspeople who have been marketing their work to Fair Trade wholesalers and Retailers for a number of years. When they decided that their infrastructure allowed them to market online,

When CAH (see above) decided to expand their market, we developed an online catalog from which they are able to wholesale to Fair Trade and other retail stores around the world. This catalog is still in development. CAH hopes to have it filled with products and live by Spring 2017.