The Artist

At the age of 5 I wandered into a modern art display in a gallery located just beside a children’s playground.That began my love affair with reflected light and colour I never forgot the experience and during my youth experimented with clay, ceramics, painting and any other medium I could find.

My first glass and mirror piece came to life when I was 14. The creative urge continued all of my life. Even while working and raising children I continued to make both commercial and personal art glass commissions in my ‘spare’ time.

Moving to Mexico 4 years ago gave me the opportunity to become steeped in local art as well as work as an artist full time.

Through my art I play with light, allowing it to reflect, refract within the glass art before it is released again.

The Beat Goes On – in my home

The special quality of the sunlight in Ajijic uplifts me. Being surrounded by all the bright colours of the flora and the vivid colours used in the Mexican culture is a delight to my eyes. It has given me such inspiration.

In the future I intend to continue to create my glass art in the Latin/Hispanic culture as well as others.


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