The People

Administrator: Maria de la Luz (Lucy) Mendoza Huerta

Mendoza comes to CCGG as an experienced kindergarten teacher who worked closely with her predecessor at the center on many projects.

In addition to her strong background in education, Mendoza’s credentials include a professional title as an attorney earned at the University of Guadalajara and three stints in the municipal government. She has served as city hall’s director of culture (1995-1997), head of economic promotion (1998-2000), and held elective office on the city council (2012-2015) with an appointment as the presiding officer of the culture commission.

She was also a founding member of the original Voces de Chapala chorale group. She later joined the Coro del Estado, singing with the chorus in its operatic debut at the Degollado Theater, a performance of Pagliacci starring Placido Domingo.

In those diverse roles she has become Well-connected with cultural activists, state officials and prominent politicians who will be of value in reaching the goals and facing challenges at CCGG.

“This is a place for people to contact with cultural activities that transform lives,” she observes. “That’s especially important for youngsters today who are so absorbed by technology.”